Cat boxes… tips to prevent or cure elimination problems

Litter boxes  and what you put in or around them could be why your cat is or is not using it.

Location location location.... privacy please ! Most cats don’t want to be in the way of human traffic when nature calls. They also don’t want to go down in the basement where the fur parents might not clean their box as much as they would like it cleaned.Watch putting your cats box next to the washing machine etc as a noise may startle them and they will refuse to go there again.Don’t place boxes next to each-other as most cats like to have their OWN area. Placing a box on different levels of the house is preferable after all we like several rest rooms too right?

Litter-? Cats prefer FINE GRAINED litter that has a soft feel. Clumping litters are usually preferred over clay litters.Most cats like  1.5 inches-2 inches  of litter in the box. Cats prefer UNSCENTED litter.

Liners? Some cats will scratch at the liners but if you clip the liner down this should stop and your clean up will be easier.

Which box? Make sure kittens and elderly cats  can get in the box. Alot of cats do not like covers as they like to monitor their surroundings when they eliminate,or they may not like the dark .

How many boxes? At a minimum there should be one PER CAT.

Maintenance? clean daily.The litter should be replaced when it fails to look dry and clean. There should be NO ODOR and No feces or urine on the box.

If you really want an easy maintenence litter box try the Littermaid self scooping litter box 1-800-826-7206.

I hope your have a PURRRFECT  potty experience :)

Aunt Penny


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