Aunt Penny is committed to providing the most effective, convenient force -free solutions for clients’ dog training needs, expectant families dog challenges, shelter and rescue organizations educational needs, school dog bite prevention programs and first responders challenges with dogs on the job.

st patricks day parade 2014

Penny avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending seminars and webinars, as well as keeping current on all industry literature. Penny is well respected and receives referrals from veterinarians, kennels, rescue organizations, and humane societies, whose staff she educates on handling dogs in a safe and humane way.

fear free certified,
First trainer to achieve Fear Free Certification in Western Pennsylvania.

Penny has a diverse background in canines and training through her work with service dogs for people with physical challenges, working in a vet hospital, owning a boarding, grooming, and training kennel, and then branching into Aunt Penny’s Pet Services.

Penny is a National Speaker, licensed presenter for the International Family Paws Parent Education programs- Dogs and storks and Dogs and Toddlers, as well as an Advanced Certified Pet Tech, a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer, an occupational dog bite prevention instructor, a media consultant.

Penny and her husband Shawn reside in Irwin, PA and have four adult children and four grandchildren. When not educating humans about canines, Penny enjoys her own nine dogs, two pygmy goats and two betta fish.

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