Professional Dog Training &
Dog Bite Safety Education

Aunt Penny increases safety and decreases stress
for anyone who owns, or who may encounter dogs.

Aunt Penny Speaks "fur" dogs and educates people

Dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, fish – you name it! We’ll take great care of your cherished companions!

Your pets and children are special, precious – so you feed, pamper and play with them, and give them the loving affection they need. But every pet parent needs a little extra help now and then keeping their fur kids healthy and happy…as well as having someone to turn too when a new baby is added to the family.

…Like when you’re on vacation, working late or going someplace where animals aren’t allowed. Or your adorable new puppy shreds the sofa upholstery, or your full-grown dog is so aggressive with the leash that he takes you for a walk around the block.

or… your expecting a baby and now you are concerned about the dog and how he will react to the new baby.

That’s when it’s time to call Aunt Penny – the professional pet care and dog training service that treats every animal companion like family!

Friendly, Reliable & Convenient – Aunt Penny Is At Your Service

2014 Penny and YahooPenny Layne, a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer with more than two decades of animal training experience, started Aunt Penny’s Fur- Heaven, based on her work at a boarding kennel. Noticing that both people and animals got upset when dogs were dropped off, she decided to create an alternative low stress service that would allow dogs to enjoy all the comforts of home and companionship during these temporary separations – making them less stressful and more fun for all while ultimately creating better human/animal relationships.

Now Penny has added The Right Paw ,thru which she educates dog owners, animal rescues,pet -sitters,groomers,first responders, police, probation officers,shelter volunteers,vet staff,utility companies, delivery companies and all those that encounter dogs on the job, to help decrease stress and increase safety for both people and dogs.

Get your dog on the right paw with Penny's fun and informative dog training classes, always offered using humane training techniques that support proper behavior through positive reinforcement.

Check out the ONLY PITTSBURGH group obedience class just for expectant parents that INCLUDES dogs.