Traveling With a Cat?


With vacation season upon us, I have recently been asked how to travel with a cat on a long car ride.

I have added the links to these products for your convenience:

Feliway Spray

You can spray this on the crate door and a blanket in the crate 30- 60 minutes before travel.This is a synthetic version of the CHEEK pheromone which is made by a cats gland under the whiskers, isolated in the center of the cheek below the eye toward the ear.

Cat Nip Pellets 

85% of cats respond to these pellets. These cat nip pellets are inexpensive at $5 and can be kept in the freezer in a sealed container for a very long time.They have a strong scent of cat nip and are both calming and distracting for cats.

Composure Chews

If you want to try these for your cat you must start them at least 2 weeks before travel. These chews increase mood stabilizing neurotransmitters in the brain. Dogs and cats can chew these.

Cat Nip Extract

Will outlast fresh or dried catnip. Keep in the fridge.

Rescue Remedy

This can be used by cats and dogs. You can put the liquid drops in water or food.

Kitty would prefer to stay home rather than travel with you? No problem!

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