My Dog Jumps what should I do?

Here is one of the top ten questions I am asked on a daily basis. My dog jumps what should I do?

Do you praise your dog for jumping on you? If you answered no .. think again.

1. Do you push your dog away when he jumps on you? Then you have reinforced (praised) him for jumping.

2. Do you talk to him and tell him that he shouldn’t jump on you? Then you have reinforced him ( praised) him for jumping.

3. Do you laugh ,giggle or grab his paws when he jumps on you? Then you have reinforced him (praised) him for jumping.

Dogs can be reinforced ( praised) for doing any behavior by more then just giving them food. Dogs love when we LOOK at them, TOUCH them, TALK to them, and of course feed them ūüôā

So how do we get the dog to stop jumping on us? IGNORE them when they do it. Turn your back to them.Walk away from them and go over the baby gate.Remove yourself from where they are.Then walk back in. If they do it again repeat.

Problems at the front door? Use a tether,crate or leash and keep control so they do not get reinforced by visitors for jumping.

Patience persistence and NO reinforcement for jumping is required.

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