Scaredy Cats

Lets talk about how to calm down our scaredy cats.


First try to figure out where the cat likes to hang out. There is where you want to start the calming and bonding actions so your cat starts off as comfortable as possible and learns that human attention is something she may want to open up to!

Ways to touch your scared cat

  • Use your voice to pet them. Use a soothing warm gentle voice or even sing to them or hum. You do not need to get close to the cat.
  • Use a long handled soft bristle brush to reach out to stroke them. This can remind them of their mothers rough tongue and help soothe them too. Brush under the chin and cheeks and on the shoulders and chest. Always go in the direction of the hair.
  • Touch sessions should last under five minutes. Try very small increments to start with and work up to where your cat is enjoying this


  • Don’t expect purring right away. This will take time.
  • You do not need to try to fix the cats phobia of people. Just learn ways to make them more comfortable

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