Tailored Pet Professional Workshops:
For Those Dedicated to Animal Care

Bring Harmony Home with Aunt Penny’s Pet Training

Develop a deeper bond with your furry friends through Aunt Penny’s compassionate pet training programs. Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy or need a refresher for your seasoned pal, our courses cultivate understanding and strengthen relationships between pets and their people.

Learn to communicate effectively and set your pet up for success with Aunt Penny’s tailored training.

From preparing for a new baby to navigating first responders training, our classes unlock your pet’s potential. We go beyond obedience to nurture their emotional well-being so they can live their happiest, healthiest lives. At Aunt Penny’s, we empower the whole family with gentle training techniques.

Convenient and Self-Paced

Online Training

Discover the flexibility and convenience of Aunt Penny’s online pet training courses. Designed for the modern pet owner, our virtual classes offer the freedom to learn at your own pace and schedule, ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

Despite the digital format, you’ll receive the same expert guidance and personalized attention, ensuring a high-quality learning experience that meets your and your pet’s specific needs.


Online Classes
Dog And Baby 1

Building a Safe Family Environment

Dog and Baby Safety

The ‘Dog and Baby Safety’ course is designed for expecting families and those with young children. We focus on preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby, teaching safe interactions, and creating a stress-free environment for both your pet and child.

This program is vital for fostering a loving and secure relationship from the first introduction.

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Empowering Our Heroes

First Responders Training

In our ‘First Responders’ program, we specialize in equipping firefighters, police officers, and EMTs with essential pet-handling skills. This course covers recognizing pet behavior in emergencies, safe handling and rescue techniques, and basic animal first aid.

Our hands-on approach ensures that first responders can confidently assist pets in crisis, making our communities safer for everyone.

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First Responder
Dog And Baby

Mailmen, Meter-readers, Visiting Nurses and more

Occupational Dog Bite Prevention

Our ‘Dog Bite Prevention’ program aims to reduce the risk of dog bites. Ideal for both dog owners and those regularly interacting with dogs, this course teaches how to read dog body language, understand warning signs, and safely approach or interact with unfamiliar dogs.

We empower individuals with the knowledge to prevent unpleasant incidents, promoting harmony between humans and dogs.

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Lunch and Learn

Customized Presentations

We understand that every pet and pet owner has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customized presentations, whether for a one-on-one session, a specific group, or a particular concern.

Our personalized approach ensures you receive the most relevant and effective training, making your pet training journey as rewarding as possible.

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