How to Introduce a Dog and a Cat

Dogs and cats have one special thing in common… their noses! They love to investigate their world through their sense of smell.

So today we will talk about how to prepare the meeting before we put the animals together.

What you need:

  • Tube socks
  • Your hand
  • Baby gates

Use the baby gates to keep the dog and cat separate until they are ready to meet. Or keep the cat in a separate room with a  closed door.

Take a tube sock and place your hand in it. Then rub it all over the cats face especially the cheeks and around the mouth. Do the same for the dog and his face with a different sock.

Then take the dog sock and place it somewhere the cat likes (maybe under the food bowl or on the window perch). Take the cat sock and put it under the dog food bowl or in his bed.

Note the reactions. If the cat wants no part of the sock he will not want  any part of the dog either. If the cat is lashing its tail as it smells the sock then you need to keep putting dog socks in his area until he calms down enough to meet the dog.

If the dog is barking or whining over the cat socks then you need to keep putting freshly scented cat socks in his area until he calms down too. They can meet once they are adjusted to the scented socks. This can be quick or can take weeks.


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