Puppy House Training

House Training – should set the stage for how you think of this process.

Reinforce the appropriate behavior by consistently using a “do you want to go outside?” phrase then open the door.Make sure you go outside with the puppy or you will miss the opportunity to praise your pup at the right time,while he is doing “his business”While the puppy is preparing to go (circling*sniffing) use a word such as “take a break” or “potty”. Be sure to stay quiet and calm and give puppy a treat as soon as they finish “going”. Always remember that reinforcement ( like giving a treat or throwing a ball when he “goes potty”) pertains to what he was doing when you gave the treat or threw the ball,therefore you do not want to give a treat when you walk back INTO the house.Do not make him come in as soon as he potties or he may learn to delay elimination so he can stay outside longer. If puppy does have an accident in the house clean it with an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle. DO NOT use any cleaner that has ammonia in it as this will ATTRACT your puppy back to the same spot to have another accident. I hope this guides you onto the right track for your puppies success with House TRAINING.

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