The Secret of Our Name

Journee 8 months old at the St patricks day paradeI wanted to name the company Aunt Puppy’s because that is what my nieces and nephews call me. You see they gave me that name when I owned a boarding, training, grooming and breeding kennel in Imperial, Pa. However I didn’t want people to think that I sell puppies! Since I couldn’t possibly be MOM to over 500,000 pets that I have met in my lifetime I decided to be AUNT Penny.

Now for those of you that know my last name… Layne… where did that come from? Well when I was married to my first husband his middle name was Layne. We owned a dog kennel and named it PennyLayne kennels ( my first name and his middle name) After 13 years in business people THOUGHT it was my real name! So after the divorce I made Penny Layne my legal name. I am now remarried and still keep the legal name of Penny Layne. Yes you may sing to me anytime 🙂

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