Management tools for your puppies behavior

Do you need help managing your puppy at dinnertime? Is your puppy jumping at you while you are  trying to eat dinner or running after the kids and nipping them? Let me introduce you to gates, crates and tethers the best management tools for your puppy.

Let’s start with crates.

There are three types of crates;

The plastic crate also known as the airline crate.

The soft sided crate, which folds and doesn’t rattle when traveling. This crate can be used indoors or outdoors.

The wire crate, which is the one Aunt Penny likes to train with to teach puppies crate games.

All of these crates come in different sizes and colors.

Another tool for  managing your puppy is a gate. Gates can be made of wood,plastic or metal and can be permanently mounted or pressure mounted so they can be removable. Gates come in many colors and sizes and can have a walk-through door.If you are considering a gate for a baby or toddler who lives with a dog I would suggest getting one that their fingers cannot poke through to the dog.You can purchase this style of  transparent gate from

The third type of management tool is a tether. A tether is a non chewable cable that can be attached to an eye-bolt,a tree, a leg of a table etc that keep the dog in a safe area with their kong or chew toy. A tether prevents the pup from chasing kids as well as serves as a great training tool when teaching the pup that all four feet need to stay on the ground. Tethers come in different lengths as well as thickness depending on the size of your pup. There are two places you can purchase these tethers: or

To find out how best to implement these management tools with your puppy give your Aunt Penny a call, send an email or schedule a private training.

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Aunt Penny

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