How to Prevent Problem behaviors in Dogs

There are 4 things we need to do for a problem -prevention program  for our dogs. Keep in mind that  prevention means there is no problem to start with  for our dogs.

  •  Reinforce appropriate behavior-    Teach your DOG the behaviors that you like.
  •  Prevent or minimize inappropriate behavior  – you do not want inappropriate patterns to develop
  • Minimize the use of punishment and use it correctly if needed. ( easy to do if you follow the other 3 on this list)
  • Provide for the dogs needs such as behavioral and developmental.

Dogs act they way they do because the behavior  WORKS for them. We want to channel their NATURAL behavior of say chewing, into something that we think is appropriate. Dogs chew ,but we don’t like when they chew our dining-room kitchen table legs. If we give them a nylabone and they chew it we will be happier as owners. So it is up to us to know the natural behavior of the dog and channel it instead of trying to suppress them.

Think about some of the natural behaviors dogs have for:

  • soiling
  • Socialization
  • Mouthing
  • being introduced to children

What can you do to reinforce? prevent? minimize and provide for each of these?

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Aunt Penny



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