Solve behavior problems and training issues effectively.

Aunt Penny is the ONLY licensed Dogs and Storks provider in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Private consultations can help you solve behavior problems and training issues effectively.

We use no-force, positive-reinforcement methods of training backed by sound, scientific learning theory.

Penny Layne is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who will work with you to develop concrete and realistic solutions to the problems you are facing with your dog, then give you the tools and support you will need to teach your dog good behavior or improve obedience skills.

Penny is a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Penny is a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer

How to schedule a private consult:

  1. Fill out the detailed behavior questionnaire
  2. Fill out the liability waiver
  3. We’ll get in touch once the questionnaires are reviewed.

Aunt Penny will contact you after she reviews the questionnaire and checks your location. This is normally within 48 hours.

Your private consultation and training includes:

  • Review of your dog’s detailed behavior questionnaire
  • Preparation for your consultation based on your answers to the questionnaire
  • Round-trip travel
  • One hour in your home consult/training
  • Working with you and your dog teaches you the skills needed to lessen problems and increase the reliability of appropriate behavior.
  • Electronic handouts, notes, and resources sent after your consult
  • A report to your veterinarian

Private training can be just one or several visits, depending on your and your dog’s needs.

My philosophy is grounded in gentle FORCE-FREE methods that encourage the relationship between dogs and humans based on mutual trust and respect. We do not use choke chains, shock collars, prong collars, or retractable leashes in our training classes or consults.

  • Need help locating a puppy?
  • Anxious about your new puppy?
  • Not sure how to prepare or what to buy?
  • Are you confused by all the advice your friends give you?
  • Want to get your puppy off on the right paw with a professional dog trainer?

How much does a PRE- PUPPY Consult cost?

The price is determined by your location and the answers on the pre-puppy consult. Some people need Aunt Penny to go to shelters or breeders to look at the puppies before they make a decision, while others just need an in-home consult.

How do I schedule a PRE-PUPPY Consult?

  1. Fill out the Pre- PUPPY questionnaire
  2. We’ll get in touch once the questionnaires are reviewed.

What’s Included

  • Review of pre-puppy questionnaire
  • Travel round trip to your home
  • One hour in YOUR HOME consult
  • Customized puppy SUCCESS plan for your family
  • Electronic notes and resources
  • Electronic book titled Before and After You Get Your Puppy

What topics do you cover?

  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Bite inhibition
  • What toys to have on hand for a puppy
  • How to choose puppies’ food
  • Mental stimulation and proper exercise
  • When to start obedience training
  • Equipment- leashes, collars
  • Success stations
  • Children and puppy safety
  • Resources include VETS, Pet sitters, Dog Walkers, Boarding info, and more!
  • Answers to any questions or concerns

Extremely informative. All signs and signals we were told about are absolutely right on. Penny is a true professional.
Shawn Mclaughlin