Getting Started

You can find the equipment you need at our store.


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recommend your dog wear a harness so PLEASE have an Easy Walk or No Freedom Pull Harness for next week’s class.  All harnesses must clip in the front (not on the back) of the dog.  This allows you to have more control of your dog.  You can order them in our store as linked above.

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THRU OUR LINK above is cheaper.

[jtab/]Mental Stimulation ::

10 minutes of mental stimulation is equal to 1 hour of physical exercise.

Food puzzles that encourage mental stimulation can be found in our store.

[jtab/]Canine Body Language ::


Dog Body Language – What your dog is desperately trying to tell you!

Learn to speak dog

Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language


Facial Body Language photos

Dog Body Language post


To access the class page for which you are currently enrolled, click on the corresponding link. All class pages are password protected. If you are in need of the password please contact your instructor.

Puppy Preschool and Play

Basic Class

Nuisance Behaviors

Fun with Obstacles

Shy/ Fearful Dogs

Reactive Level 1

Reactive Level 2

Dog Ready For Baby


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