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Your dog has gotten used to being your “baby,” but soon you’ll be bringing an actual baby person into your family, home and life. Have you prepared your fur baby for the arrival of a new human “sibling”?

Or maybe your baby has passed the one-year mark. How will you ensure that doggie knows how to respond to your toddler’s increasing mobility and curiosity?

Through our Dog & Baby classes, Aunt Penny can answer these questions to help your baby and dog develop close bonds of love and lifelong friendship.

A licensed Family Paws™ Parent Education presenter, Aunt Penny teaches both the Dogs & Storks™ program (for expectant families) and the Dogs and Toddlers™ program (for families with children between three months and three years old).

She provides these classes for Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, as well as in clients’ homes as private consultations, and in her dog training room. Penny does offer private in your home ,dog and baby safety consults, for those who prefer a more customized action plan for their situation.

"Penny came to our home to assist in training and infant introduction with our Golden Retriever, Gary. Gary is very energetic and Penny was able to focus him to show us his potential. Having just brought our first child home from the hospital, Penny helped to show us ways to make the situation better for everyone involved. Through positive reinforcement, Penny showed us ways to help improve Gary's impulse control. We are working with him daily and seeing improvement."

Jon Bazzani

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