New Service – Dog Running with Rosslyn!

Running w Roz

Sometimes walking isn’t enough for your dog.

Rosslyn Kemerer is a certified yoga instructor, dog-walker and runner with Aunt Penny’s who would love to help!

  • Running is helpful for high-energy and athletic dogs
  • Get more exercise for your dog in the same amount of time
  • Enjoy a tired, well-behaved dog!

Call us at 724-515-7790 or email to schedule an appointment!

Tips for running your dog:

With a little patience & proper technique, most dogs make great running partners!

  • Choose a safe location to practice – free from distractions & traffic
  • Keep your dog on one side – stick to one side to avoid confusion and tripping
  • Consider a harness – for control & safety, we recommend the Freedom No-Pull or Easy Walk
  • Start slow – even active dogs need to warm-up and build stamina before running long distances
  • Pay attention – watch for positioning, distractions, limping or overexertion
  • Relax – your first run might not be perfect, so just remember to have fun with your dog

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with Rosslyn to learn how to safely run your dog. Call 724-515-7790 or email!


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