Fur Heaven Private Boarding


We are flexible in the locations that  we can service for pet-sitting with our referral system.

Contact us to see if we can help you find what you are looking for.

There is no CHARGE for finding a sitter!

  1. Contact us at info@myauntpenny.com and let us know your location ( include ZIPCODE ) We need to know dates, the number of pets and the types of pets- dog,cat, fish etc.
  2. If we believe we may be able to help you we will send you a sitters contact info.
  3. You interview the sitter and decide if it’s a match.
  4. We do not guarantee that we can find you a sitter but we will try J

Aunt Penny also offers :

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Dog and Baby Safety Classes - Dogs and Storks @ Magees Woman's Hospital
Occupational Dog Bite Prevention
First responders Dog Education and Safety
Media Consulting

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