dog and expectant parents

Dog Ready for Baby (Group Class)

Your dog has gotten used to being your “baby,” but soon you’ll be bringing an actual human baby into your family, home and life. Have you prepared your fur baby for the arrival of a new human “sibling”?

Yes, you do bring your dog to this class!

In this special 1.5 hour class you will learn to:

  • Desensitize your dog to baby equipment
  • Whether to walk your dog with the stroller
  • Help your dog practice good manners with visitors
  • Find out which food puzzle your dog likes
  • Watch your dog’s body language when it hears a baby cry
  • Practice how to introduce your dog to the baby
  • Have your questions answered!

Cost for this special class is $60 per dog to attend (No children please). Please see our calendar for a list of times/dates.

Dogs do attend this class. Please do not bring aggressive dogs – owners may attend class to observe.

For additional Dog & Baby classes, see Dogs & Storks (for new and expecting parents) and Dogs & Toddlers (for families with children 3 months to 3 years old).

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