Canine Aggression

Aggression can begin to develop between 9-12 months of age.This is due to the beginning of sexual maturity and hormones. There is another phase you may see aggression come out again. Around 18 months (late adolescence) you may notice more assertion, independence and aggression. By two years of age most dogs will have shown their …

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Afraid your puppy may run away?

I am worried that my puppy may run off someday what can I do? Aunt Penny says… Pay attention to whether the puppy is acting differently, whether she seems oblivious to you and ready to run. If you feel she is getting newly emboldened put her on a long line until she settles back down …

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Soothing Music for your Pets for the Holidays

The Music My Pet Holiday Treats CD: Soothing Holiday Music to Help Your Pet Relax http://www.petproductadvisor.com Enjoy these holiday classics, beautifully orchestrated by Baby Einstein’s Tom Nazziola, the man behind the award-winning Music My Pet relaxation CD. On Holiday Treats, Nazziola gives everyone’s favorite holiday melodies a twist. Using the findings of recent pet anxiety …

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Puppy head gear?

There are so many choices out there for puppy collars! What should you get??? STAY AWAY from PINCH collars, and Choke Chains. On small dogs I like to use a harness ( due to the regular collars placing too much force on their trachea) On medium  and large dogs I like martingale collars and head …

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Management tools for your puppies behavior

Do you need help managing your puppy at dinnertime? Is your puppy jumping at you while you are  trying to eat dinner or running after the kids and nipping them? Let me introduce you to gates, crates and tethers the best management tools for your puppy. Let’s start with crates. There are three types of …

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Puppy House Training

House Training – should set the stage for how you think of this process. Reinforce the appropriate behavior by consistently using a “do you want to go outside?” phrase then open the door.Make sure you go outside with the puppy or you will miss the opportunity to praise your pup at the right time,while he …

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