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OUR GIFT to you!!!

PUPPY HELP with Aunt Penny 

Sunday January 13th  6-7:30 pm 

puppy ages 8 weeks old thru 12 weeks old

open to all puppy parents and those who are considering getting a puppy!

ask the professional trainer questions!

 and come have some fun!


socialization*puppy biting*food bowl training* house-training the easy way*handling practice*intro to sits and downs*puppy games

yes bring your puppy as long as they have had at least one set of shots ( with proof)

Yes you must preregister- space is limited

location  PTARC, Level Green-Shelly Proskin Bldg

register here-

Upcoming Events:

    DOGS and STORKS    ( GROUP or Private available )

2013 Dog and Storks schedule  ( this is a ONE day class of 2 hours):

January 21st * March 18th * May 20th *July 15th *September 16th *November 18th

  • Who should attend? expectant parents ,grandparents and babysitters
  • You may schedule this as a PRIVATE in your home consult -just contact us
This  program increases safety and success for dog and baby while decreasing stress and concerns for parents. What does this fantastic program cover?
  • Your pregnancy and your dog
  • Concerns about jealousy and acceptance of baby
  • Bonding time needed for your dog
  • Setting up your home environment for success and safety
  • How to introduce your dog to your baby
  • The importance of inclusion of family dogs from the start in a safe way
  • The subtle body language of dogs
  • New and fun ways to include your dog in daily activities
  • Ongoing support
Packed with helpful pictures, and supplemented by informative handouts, Dogs and Storks is a resource that all expecting and new parents can enjoy and easily implement into their busy lives with babies and dogs. Preparation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to safety and harmony between a new baby and family dog.  Dogs & Storks® provides consistent and current information .  Offering solutions and addressing common challenges new parents experience up front families can set proper expectations before baby arrives. Location: Forbes Regional Hospital Time 7-9pm Cost :$35 per couple or $25 per person, add a grandparent or babysitter for just $10! Forbes Regional Hospital –> REGISTER NOW   DOG and BABY CONNECTION CLASSES   (GROUP or Private available) next class Dec 17th
  • Who should attend? new parents of 3 month olds thru 3 year old toddlers ,grandparents and babysitters
  • You may schedule this as a PRIVATE in your home consult -just contact us
The dog and baby connection, an international program, is designed to help families with dogs and 3 month to 3 year old toddler-age children create safety and harmony at home. Positive, practical and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families with dogs during your child’s early development years will be offered. Recommended for families with toddlers and dogs as well as babysitters and grandparents. Vet staff would also benefit for passing this useful information onto their clients.

         Last Dog and baby Connection class of 2012!

            DEC 17th  2012  Monday   7-9pm

Cost- $35 per couple or $25 per person.You may bring a grandparent or a babysitter for just $10 more

2013 Dog and Baby Connection schedule ( this is a ONE day class of 2 hours)

Feb 18th *April 15th * June 17th *August 19th *October 21st *December 16th

Forbes Regional Hospital–> REGISTER NOW

    DOG READY 4 BABY ( includes dogs ) 5 weeks ( group and private)

  • March 10th 2013 thru April 14th  ( no class on Easter March 31st)
Your dog is a member of the family, so adding a baby to your family impacts your dog profoundly. Life changes can provoke anxiety for everyone involved, but Aunt Penny’s Dog Ready 4 Baby class will help make this a positive experience for your entire family. This six-week group obedience course teaches you how to help your dog adjust to his brand new “sibling,” and prepare dog and baby for a happy lifelong friendship. In it you will learn how to:
  • Assess your dog’s reactions to baby equipment and baby sounds
  • Monitor your dog’s early warning signs of anxiety, and decrease his anxiety levels
  • Prevent natural but potentially dangerous behaviors like resource guarding
  • Safely travel in the car with your dog and baby
  • Walk your dog while pushing your baby in a stroller
  • Get your dog comfortable with being touched by your baby
  • Decrease your dog’s attention-seeking behaviors
  • Have your dog distinguish between dog and baby toys
  • Create “safe zones” for your baby
This class includes dogs with adults —- no children permitted in this class.

           Date : March 10th 2013 thru April 14th  ( no class on Easter March 31st)

  Times: Sundays 6-7pm- (5) Weekly Classes

Cost : $100 Penn Town school district residence – non residence $125.00

            Location:  PTARC, Level Green-Shelly Proskin Bldg

Register now-

 CANINE BODY LANGUAGE  – SUNDAYS Jan  13th  * March 24th *May 19th* Aug 18th * Oct 13th  Dogs are very expressive animals. They communicate when they’re feeling happy, sad, nervous, fearful and angry, and they use their faces and bodies to convey much of this information. Dog body language is an elaborate and sophisticated system of nonverbal communication that, fortunately, we can learn to recognize and interpret. Once you learn how to “read” dogs’ postures and signals, you’ll better understand their feelings and motivations and be better able to predict what they are likely to do. These skills will enable you to interact with dogs with greater enjoyment and safety. Recommended for pet parents, babysitters, kennel employees, dog-walkers, pet-sitters, UPS drivers, mail carriers and anyone who wants to understand more about dogs.  Dates: SUNDAYS  Jan13th  * March 24th *May19th* Aug 18th * Oct 3th

Time:  3-4:30pm

Cost $25

Location: Aunt Penny’s Training Room  –> REGISTER NOW

Puppy Class GROUP CLASS    6 weeks 

  • March 9th thru April 20th  ( no class March 31st Easter)
  • Ages 8 weeks thru 5 months 
  • potty training * anti jumping *basic commands* socialization*mat training *field trip!

Good puppies  respond to commands such as “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come” and “leave it” – and Aunt Penny’s Puppy class teaches them these essential skills as well as how to prevent nuisance behaviors. It is important that dogs obey their guardians’ commands not only so they don’t upset people or other animals, but also to ensure their health and safety (for example, to prevent them from eating poisonous objects or running into traffic). In this class, Aunt Penny will also teach your dog not to jump on people and how to walk on a loose leash so that you’re always in control. Perhaps most importantly, this course will teach you how dogs learn – so you can use the same techniques demonstrated in class to correct other problem behaviors on your own, both now and for years to come. In addition to teaching you how to reinforce desired behaviors, Aunt Penny will also show you what toys and training equipment are best for your dog and how to read canine stress signals .BONUS FIELD TRIP!

Ages 8 weeks thru 5 months  Dates March 9th thru April 20th Location :  Shelley Proskin building level green Times : Saturdays 10:30-11:30am Cost $89  Penn Township residence  $99 non residence register now-   CLICKER FUN and MORE! March 10th 2013 thru April 14th  ( no class on Easter March 31st)
  • all ages welcomed
This class  is jam packed with great ideas for tricks – new and old.Students  will not only be able to teach their dogs tricks using friendly, fun, and fast techniques, they’ll soon figure out that clicker training works – for any kind of dog training. Learn some new games to play with your dog as well as tricks you never thought were possible! This is a great way to build a relationship with your dog.Come have some fun with your dog and their friends!Your dog can learn to wave, dance, put away toys, turn on a light switch, and more.

 Location: PTARC, Level Green-Shelly Proskin Bldg

            Times : Sundays  7:15-8:15pm Cost $89  Penn Township residence  $99 non residence register now-    CANINE AGGRESSION PRESENTATION  Jan 19*Jan 29th * Feb 12 * Feb 20 *March 25 Free classes sponsored by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremations A practical look at understanding, managing, modifying and preventing aggressive behavior in dogs. This class explores aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs focusing on considering behavior from an emotional level, useful tools in behavior counseling and practical ideas for managing and modifying the aggressive behavior. This class covers:
  • How to prepare for a dog walk and defend if you or your dog are attacked.
  • Dog-Dog Aggression
  • Dog-Dog Resource Guarding
  • Dog-Human Resource Guarding
  • We will also discuss puppies and spotting early signs of aggression as well as  educating to minimize possible aggression problems in later life.
NO DOGS permitted in this class. Saturday Jan 19th Bridgeville library   1-3pm FREE Tues Jan 29th Mt Lebanon Library 7-9pm  FREE Tues Feb 12th Monroeville Library 7-9pm  FREE Weds Feb 20th Franklin Regional High school 7-9pm  cost TBD Weds  March 27th  Bethal park library 7-9pm FREE register here- FEAR IN DOGS  Feb 10th and March 15th One of the most pervasive behavior problems we face is dealing with dogs that are afraid. They may be fearful of people, of other dogs, and even of objects.  There are several ways we can address these issues – all of them require empathy, compassion, and knowledge. Using video and real life examples, we discuss how to help our fearful friends.
  • Topics covered: causes and prevention
  • how fear manifests
  • Bite inhibition
  • recognized and lesser-known stress signals
  • a Firm Foundation program on which to build confidence
  • skills for owners to learn
  • skills for dogs to learn
  • a brief review of desensitization and counter-conditioning; and what training equipment is (and is not!) appropriate.
No dogs permitted in  this class. date- Sunday Feb 10th  Time 1-3pm location Aunt Penny’s Training room cost $25 registration date March 15th location Franklin regional High School time 7-9pm cost TBD registration Storm Phobias dates Feb 3 and March 21 Storm phobia can be so severe that it can cause affected dogs to leap from second-floor windows to escape their terror. It is an extremely difficult problem to treat – let alone train out of a dog – but new methods can help owners make useful inroads into addressing this problem. The value of desensitization, drug treatments, and other logistical treatments will be discussed. No dogs permitted in  this class. date  Sunday Feb 3  location Aunt Penny’s training room time 2-3;30pm cost $25 register- date Thursday  March 21 location Franklin Regional High School time 7-8:30pm cost TBD register- Separation anxiety in Dogs  dates Sunday Feb 17th and Thurs April 11 Topics include:
  • How to accurately diagnose a separation issue, and how to differentiate separation anxiety from isolation distress.
  • Root causes, and how owners can have an influence for better or worse.
  • Creative management options, including what to do in an emergency.
  • The Alone Zone: Where in (or outside) the house to leave your dog when you’re away; what is not recommended and why.
  • The latest, easy-to-use technological advances that allow you to monitor your dog while you’re away.
  • Assessing if and when pharmacological intervention is appropriate, and two natural alternatives to consider.
  • Separation anxiety myths (you might be surprised at some of the “accepted wisdom” that is simply untrue!).
No dogs permitted in this class. date Sunday Feb 17th location Aunt Pennys training room time 2-4pm cost $25 register- date Thursday April 11th location Franklin Regional high school time 7-9pm cost TBD register